Have you ever thought about going into business and to get someone else to invest the money and have you reap the rewards?

Welcome to the amazing world of
Downsview Chrysler:

You have free office space.
You get rewarded based on how hard you work
You have healthcare, vacation and retirement opportunities and Christmas bonus programs
You have a management team working to help you be productive
You have a free computer system
You have a DMS and other software provided free of charge
You have a staff and technicians available to handle customer problems
You have free marketing, advertising and a website developer
You have an administrative staff to help you process your deals, DMV work, etc.
You have millions of dollars of inventory to sell with zero personal investment
You get special spiffs/incentives from the factory
You get all the free training/coaching you can stand
You have a detail/clean up department that gets your vehicles ready for delivery
You don't have to pay a penny to phone, electricity, and other utilities
You can demand an assistant when you become productive enough
You have an Internet/BDC department begging you to take leads
You have free janitorial service.
You have free coffee
You have your own personal financial officer working to put your deals together
You work out of a multi-million dollar facility located on prime real estate
You have an opportunity of a lifetime with no personal financial investment

You need to "own" your own business

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