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Hi, I'm Tom. I can remember when I sold my first car on a handwritten Bill of Sale when a AM radio was a $99 option.  I won't tell you what year I actually started but I've seen the amazing changes in standard and optional safety equipment over the years. Keeping up with product knowledge on all the models from year to year has been my passion and this makes me the go-to guy for both Fleet and Retail customers alike.

For the last 25 years I have been dedicated to Commercial and Fleet Management and since then I have been achieved both the Professional Member and Master Member designation from FCA Canada. I have that sense of humour that never makes it boring to deal with me. Fleet customers appreciate my ability to always promptly locate and deliver those hard to find cars and trucks. The Commercial and Retail customers who are uneasy about making a deal are instantly settled by my sense of humor and the ability to make the experience effortless. I always say "People are busy.  Matching people and vehicles is easy if you listen carefully and make the experience enjoyable. It doesn't hurt when you have amazing volume deals to offer without providing all the drama."

    I am not a one man show - We are part of the professional and caring Downsview Chrysler Team - Just call or email me for any of your Commercial and Fleet needs. As you will see, we actually do stock many Commercial vehicles. From the first consultation call to the final thank you, you will always feel your business is appreciated. Feel free to call or email me to set up an appointment to make an enjoyable, sweet deal.

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