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Get ready for the wildest ride you've ever dreamed of, because the Jeep Gladiator is on the scene and it's ready to blow your expectations out of the water. With a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine with ESS, Command-Trac part-time shift-on-the-fly 4x4 system and an incredible 285hp, this machine is all thrill and no fill.

Get ready to crank up adventure, fun, and limitless potential all the way to eleven. Your Gladiator is capable of towing 3,469 kg (7,650 lb), and that means a whole lot of camping gear over any trail you want.

To get into this amazing Jeep, you need to find yourself at Downsview Chrysler. We're here to stun you with the most spectacular selection of Jeep trucks in Toronto. Come by and test drive one today! 



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We offer a 3-year tire warranty on all new and used car purchases.

Why Choose Downsview Chrysler

Downsview Chrysler - Prepared to Travel the Universe, or Just Toronto

Prepared to Travel the Universe, or Just Toronto

Need to stop for gas? Not in your Jeep Gladiator. An impressive 83-litre fuel tank keeps this Jeep on the road and counting miles without a second thought about gas stations.The rough terrains aren't going to hold your Gladiator back either; it has a full-size spare tire. Just get out and drive, your Jeep truck in Toronto is ready for it all.

Downsview Chrysler - We're Climbing to New Heights

We're Climbing to New Heights

Going off roading has never been as fun or as smooth as it is in your Jeep Gladiator. The front and rear heavy-duty shock absorbers make the most unexpected mountain trail seem like an exciting roller coaster and the front and rear stabilizer bars keep you on that trail no matter how steep it gets!

Downsview Chrysler - Lending Others a Helping Hand with Your Jeep Truck

Lending Others a Helping Hand with Your Jeep Truck

You're in a Jeep, so you're never going to need a tow, but some people aren't that lucky. When you see one of those unfortunate drivers with his car hopelessly stuck, you can lend them a hand, because your Gladiator has tow hooks - 2 front and 1 rear, making your heroic rescue an easy act of kindness.

Downsview Chrysler - Time to Believe Your Eyes

Time to Believe Your Eyes

Some things are illusions and are too good to be true - the dove that appears magically in a hat or the torn paper that suddenly turns out to be whole, for example. But our Jeep trucks in Toronto? They're amazing and completely real. Come see one for yourself at Downsview Chrysler.

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